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To maintain food hygiene system GNF

Supervision by the stability of the process and product delivery hygienic food to the consumer.

Keep Separated Product Ingredients

Keep separated product ingredients

  • Organoleptic, physicochemical, microbiological, physical inspection management
  • Whether a first-in, first-out storage conditions and compliance (room temperature, chilled, frozen)
  • Securing of raw material suppliers test report, certificate of origin
  • Mark your inspection management (origin, date of manufacture and expiry date, etc.)
  • Raw material suppliers and maps Managing Director
  • Defined work processes ensure compliance
  • Ensure the quality status of the products during the manufacturing process (sensuality, sweetness, salinity, moisture, etc.).
  • Illumination management, magnet magnetic management
  • Inspection management for the production of finished articles (sugar, salt, moisture, crude fat, crude protein, bacteria, E. coli, pathogenic microorganisms, etc.)
  • Labeling and packaging requirements Status (breakage and weight, etc.)
  • After analyzing the product by an accredited non-commissioned tests ensure DATA (preservatives, arsenic, lead, heavy metals, radiation, GMO, etc.)
  • Check the status of the archive storage management standards (at room temperature, chilled, frozen)
  • Make sure that FIFO is properly managed
  • Manage so that the factory product is not shelf-life has elapsed
  • Clean transportation vehicle management and temperature management
  • Raw, genuine ball, finished, return to the product does not meet the specifications and standards such subsidiary nonconforming product identification.
  • Review of safety when using the product as a concession.
Sanitation · Education

Sanitation · education

  • Ipsaja and hygiene education for new field workers
  • Outside foster education, training attendance application
  • HACCP regular training
  • Employee / worker health check screenings
  • Food manufacturing processors
  • Manufacture of food additives
  • Food sobuneop
  • Food import dealers
Certified Sanitation

Certified Sanitation

  • Certification requirements: ISO9001, HACCP (sauces), etc.
  • System Maintenance
  • Laws made revision management
  • Sales reporting and business license requirements
  • Groundwater Quality Inspection
  • Insect repellent. Bangseo management
  • Working environment measurement
  • instrument calibration check