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GNF technology laboratory effort to develop through creativity,
experienced work composition,

capital investment for training to forecast needs of market and customer level.


Development Korea’s traditional red pepper paste, soy sauce, soybean paste with

health-oriented low sodium sauce

  • 고추장사진
  • 간장사진
  • 된장참깨사진
  • 된장겨자사진
  • red pepper
  • soy sauce
  • soybean paste [sesame]
  • soybean paste [mustard]
  • Red pepper pasta, bibim bap
  • For meat, for fried sauce
  • vegetable salad, dipping sauce for fried
  • chicken salad, dipping sauce for fried

Development topics

sauce base development utilizing three kinds of sauces

Mixing ratio established by the sensory taste tests and analysis.

source of development quality control parameter settings

total bacteria measurement, viscosity and sugar content, water activity, salinity measurements.

establishing optimum fermentation condition by the lactic acid bacteria of the sub material

Sub material with lactic acid bacteria (peppers, beans) entry into force of the optimum lactic acid.
fermentation time can be measured.

Development result

Sauce proto type development with three kinds of sauces
Establishing the optimal source mixing ratio using sensory evaluation and analysis of taste
Fermentation of establishing supplementary materials(peppers, beans) with three kinds of lactic acid bacteria
Application of Korean food sauces available development
product application sauce production base(Chinese-style sauce on rice, beef redeveloped countries, rice cake base)